What has rebranding got to do with equine assisted learning? Usually, not much. At the moment, however, we are moving in that direction and here’s why.

Anne Porteous of Unbridled Life Skills Coaching has offered equine assisted learning, equine assisted psychotherapy, life skills coaching and coach training for several years serving a wide range of people from professionals to students. Since we operate out of Sierra Acres and that’s what the sign says at the end of our driveway, those familiar with the business refer to it as Sierra Acres. We decided it was time to clarify what we call ourselves for our existing customers as well as for those new to us.

We thought it made sense for consistency, and to avoid confusion, to update the online presence and published articles that refer to Unbridled Life Skills Coaching and use our farm name: Sierra Acres. We will also include what we do: Equine Assisted Learning. This will make us ‘Sierra Acres: Equine Assisted Learning Center’. What do you think?

There really is no cut and dried answer to the question of when or if a company should rebrand. Rebranding is something to consider when your business has evolved and your brand would benefit from a bit more focus and clarity to help people understand the service being offered. So to help our valued customers find us more easily, Unbridled Life Skills Coaching will be undergoing a rebranding exercise this fall.

Don’t worry if you’re on our mailing list. We’ll be sure to take it slow and steady so that no one gets left behind or lost. This blog is the first in a series of communication in advance of the actual switch so that we avoid confusion. In addition, we’ll be letting people know about the special skills we bring to the table particularly in the areas of serving first responders and those diagnosed with PTSD. If you’re new here, we invite you to check out our program page to learn more.

Anne Porteous brings over 40 years of nursing experience to Sierra Acres and this combined with the unique services provided by the equine staff give an enriching support experience where one learns to focus on the present and to overcome inner obstacles.

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