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May 2-3: Mindful Presence
Discover how to be fully present and embodied in the here and now. Feel more grounded, listen to the wisdom of your body, connect more deeply with your authentic self, and cope with stress and triggers more mindfully with self-compassion.

July 18-19: Attuned Relationships
Horses show us how we relate to one another and to ourselves. Explore family and relationship dynamics, attachment styles, congruent communication, and how to build stronger connections based on mutual respect, trust, playfulness, body awareness and self-regulation.

Sept 19-20: Empowered Boundaries
Deepen your felt sense of where you end and others begin. Explore safety, personal space, flexible boundaries, respectful touch, assertiveness and how to have closeness without compromising yourself and your integrity. Learn the power of confidence, clarity, focus and intentionality in getting your needs met.

All activities are on the ground, No previous horse experience required.

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Connect and Tune-In

Ready to heal your past and deepen your relationship with yourself and others?  Horses have the innate ability to be genuinely themselves, without shame, and have much to teach us about being fully present and alive.

Grounded in the neuroscience of trauma, attachment, and self-regulation, this workshop series for adults will support you to find safety within, renegotiate old patterns and hurts, and reclaim your voice.

EquuSpirit-LOGO UnbridledLifeSkillsCoaching-LOGO-CLR

The Healing with Horses series is a joint partnership between EquuSpirit and Unbridled Life Skills Coaching.


Registration is now open! 

To secure your spot in any or all of the workshops: 1-855-7REFUGE or how to order Depakote taper. For additional information visit can you buy Depakote in canada

$425 + HST (early bird rate) ($475 + HST within 30 days of each date)
Includes materials, snacks and lunches

3188 Eramosa-Milton Townline, Rockwood, ON
A short drive from Guelph within 1 hr from Toronto
15min north of the 401 off Guelph Line

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