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Being human

don't forget you're human


the biggest communication problem

Eyes wide open

may our eyes stay wide open to that which is beautiful and protect that which is sacredmay-our-eyes-stay-wide-open-to-that-which-is-beautiful-and-protect-that-which-is-sacred


RCP_5983  The HerdWe are destined to go as far in life

                                  as the will in our hearts


                                                                          the strength of our spirits can take us.

Concerned Residents Coalition

Stop Hidden Quarry

Stop Hidden Quarry

Perhaps this isn’t happening in your backyard yet but wouldn’t you want support from surrounding communities?

Please support the CRC to stop construction of a quarry which really results in destruction.


From the Loft Door

033Rascal and Buddy share their wisdom:

Don’t miss the donut by looking through the hole.

Just Being

just beingIn-between moments
what about not connecting with anyone in our “in-between” moments?  what about realizing that there are actually no in-between moments at all? What about being in touch with who is on THIS end of the line , not the other end? What about calling ourselves up for a change, and checking in, seeing what we are up to?  What about just being in touch with how WE are feeling, even in those moments when we may be feeling numb, or overwhelmed, or bored, or disjointed, or anxious or depressed, or needing to get one more thing done? Jon Kabat-Zinn

Rejoicing in things as they are


when we begin to see clearly what we do, how we get hooked and swept away by old habits, our usual tendency is to use that as a reason to get discouraged, a reason to feel really bad about ourselves. Instead, we could realize how remarkable it is that we actually have the capacity to see ourselves honestly, and that doing this takes courage. It is moving in the direction of seeing our life as a teacher rather than as a burden.        From: Pema Chodron

thought for today

“The bird never worries about the stability of the branch because it believes in its ability to fly…”


Remember “RAIN”

untitledFeeling overwhelmed?    Remember RAIN
R= recognize what’s going on.
A= Allow the experience to be there, just as it is.
I= investigate with kindness.
N = Natural awareness, which comes from not identifying with the experience.

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