Denis OlivierDenis Olivier is a dynamic and engaging Public Educator and Motivational Speaker who utilizes his knowledge, experience, and sense of humour to create and adapt workshops that fit the needs of participants on a variety of topics.

Although having a Degree in Psychology and Philosophy and earning a Law & Justice Certificate in University, he has spent the last 15 years working in the Mental Health and Addictions field as a Crisis worker, Case Manager and currently as a Trainer and Public Speaker. Denis is a Certified Trainer in Mental Health First Aid, an ASIST Trainer (Suicide Prevention), Psychological Health and Safety Advisor/Auditor, Mental Health Works and Living Life to the Full. He has developed workshops that address Mental Health issues in life and in the workplace. Workshops include: conflict resolution, workplace wellness, stress management and personal care, healthy sleep and mindfulness, understanding psychiatric diagnosis and skills in supporting individuals that can be difficult.

Feedback from his workshops emphasizes the atmosphere being safe, comfortable to share information without judgment, down to Earth, humouristic and compassionate while building confidence and skills for those attending, even though discussing difficult topics.

Denis has served in the Canadian Forces as a Medic, achieving the rank of Sergeant. He spent many years travelling and teaching, volunteering with Victim Services and with individuals that have Special Needs. Denis brings a unique perspective to the difficulties people endure and the strategies and skills required in daily life and in extreme circumstances people face.