Sometimes we find ourselves standing at the crossroads wondering which way to go. Rather than becoming stuck, with the assistance of a Business Skills Coach, you can explore what is really important to you, explore more about what truly is your passion and create the action steps to help move you forward to your goals.

I am committed to helping you discover your full potential and welcome a conversation to help us decide if we can work together. If we choose not to work together, I will assist you in finding referrals to better suit your needs.

Business Skills Coaching sessions are available in person or by phone.



I managed to set a boundary with [my husband] on an issue that I knew we disagreed upon Tonight, I just very calmly but assertively explained to him what I needed, in terms that I knew he would understand, and he *immediately* and without any upset agreed that we both need to respect what my needs are, and we have gone on to have a very nice evening together.”  Client testimonial following coaching session