Programs and Events offered at Sierra Acres

Take up the Reins, offered through Mohawk College

Women underestimate their own abilities. They can be uncomfortable negotiating for themselves at work; and tend to attribute their success to outside resources rather than being aware of their internal strengths. Horses teach you that to be an effective leader, you un-mask any internal frustrations and conflicts that prevent you from moving forward. Equine-assisted learning will enable you to find your authentic self through the non-judgmental eyes of the horse. Location:

Who Should Attend: Any woman who is interested in growing her leadership capacity and potential. No horse experience is required.  All activities done on the ground.

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Saturday June 2, 2018
Cost: $213.25
Course Number: GINT 10055
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NOTE: You must register for this course through Mohawk College (link above).


Grass Roots Photography Workshop :: April 21st, 2018
Nik Milner Photography

So you have a camera with a selection of buttons to press but have no idea what they mean or do. Join Nik Milner for his 2 ½ hr Grassroots Photography Workshop held in studio and outside in the beautiful surroundings of Sierra Acres Equine Assisted Healing Centre. With 33 years experience as a professional photographer Nik will explain just what you can do to take fabulous creative images in easy and understandable terms giving an insight into the 5 basic rules of composition, camera modes, focusing using manual settings to get the correct exposure & depth of field, working the ‘Golden Hours’ and conversion of RGB images to Black and White.
After the walkabout send your best 15 images using techniques spoken about in class for a critique, from these images I will select one and print it to 16.5” x 11.5” for you to mount.


Phone:C: 416-302-7998 H: 519-853-4060

Hosted by: Sierra Acres Rockwood ON

Equine Photography Wellness Programs & Workshops

Our Equine based Photographic Wellness Programs offer a wonderful blend of horses and photography, giving you a chance to take and view images that will help you better understand the challenges you face and how to move beyond them.

Contact Anne to learn more about personalized workshops or individual sessions.

Date: May 5, 2018

Time: 10:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m


H.E.L.P. (Heroes Equine Learning Program)

Sierra Acres Equine Assisted Learning Centre is a proud sponsor and designated service provider for the H.E.L.P. Program in Southwestern Ontario, for military and First Responders affected by Post-Traumatic Stress and/or Operation Stress Injuries. Learn more here or contact Anne Porteous for more information.

Equine-Assisted Mindful Wellness & Meditation

Join us for a day of relaxation and reflection; reconnect with yourself through a combination of guided and unguided mindfulness and meditation with horses and in nature. This series features an approach which reflects the understanding that our journey in life is filled with opportunities to discover unexpected strength and that embracing draws us into experiences of reconnection and restoration.

Horses Helping with Dementia

May help with the psychological, physiological and social needs of the dementia patient. The horse-human connection helps improve confidence, reduce stress and enhance overall well-being. Click here to learn more about this workshop.

Clinic with Ron Chauvin at Sierra Acres

“The mastery of horsemanship involves the development of patience enough to observe what is taking place without judgement and the wisdom to adjust to fit what is taking place in a manner that best suits the horse. Wisdom that is gained by developing the ability to remember and compare what suits the horse and what does not. The desire to attain such wisdom must be greater then all else; pride, vanity, ego, everything.” ~ Ron Chauvin

Join us for this 2 day clinic: Ron gives clinics on the essentials of horsemanship. In his clinics Ron focuses on the small details that make the big difference thus promoting more harmony between horse and rider.

Date: April 28-29, 2018

Hosted by: Sierra Acres Rockwood ON

Contact: Anne for registration or information.


Sierra Acres offers customized workshops or seminars to help you make the leap and reach your goals. Contact for more information.