“Imagine having a 1500 pound marshmallow greet you on a field!  Your fluffy sweet, could actually be, the friendly equine we just met named Molly, out in her pasture. She stands between 15 to 16 hands, and her colour is that of your favourite camp fire snack.

Molly’s owner didn’t obtain her from a camp site though, she actually cared for her when she noticed the horse, owned by someone else, struggling with a hoof injury. Shortly after the long healing process, the caring boarder at the barn was surprised by her brother’s grand gesture —  after a visit and becoming aware of an astonishing bond — he went behind her back and bought the sweet mare for his sister. They’ve been connected ever since, and can now be found at Sierra Acres in Rockwood .

Originally bred as a powerful and docile war horse, Molly is a Percheron originating  from Huisne river valley in western French. Her breed gathered their name from the old province “Perch”.

The lovely, mellow mare actually supports warriors of the twenty first century, so to speak –  as Sierra Acres Equine Assisted Learning Centre where Molly resides, is a proud sponsor and designated service provider for the H.E.L.P. Program in Southwestern Ontario, for military and First Responders affected by Post-Traumatic Stress and/or Operation Stress Injuries.  They also offer business coaching to provide dynamic programs designed to deliver rapid results for individuals to corporate teams.

We loved meeting this affectionate and welcoming sturdy grey — Congratulations Molly, you are hoofbeats horse of the week!”

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