If everything is changing, anything is possible. The Guidelines under this theme are Aspiration, Principles, Service, and Courage.


In 2013 Anne participated in a course called Developing Resilience through Applied Mindfulness.  She thoroughly enjoyed the course, applied what she could and life continued.  At that time Anne purchased a book called “16 Guidelines for Life, the Basics“, by Alison Murdoch and Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw thinking it would be helpful but she never opened it.

Two years later, Anne received an email alerting her to a Level 1 training program for the 16 Guidelines coming up in the area.  She thought it was interesting that she had purchased the book and never read it and that perhaps now this is a reminder that she should look into it.  Anne attended the workshop in October 2015, and has continued to incorporate the Guidelines to the best of her ability on a daily basis.  She introduced them to her students last fall with very positive results. Now Anne is offering sessions framed specifically by the 16 Guidelines.