This 2-day intensive workshop for individuals and business teams who want to remove barriers, improve communication and accelerate their progress on the path to success.

Sierra Acres Coaching is proud to be bringing The 48 Hour Breakthrough™ to Canada.

This 2-day intensive workshop is unlike any other experience in the country and is available to individuals and business teams who want to remove barriers to their business and personal growth, discover better communication methods, hone their message, identify new markets and accelerate their progress on the path to success.

This program is credited by countless professionals as the single most important investment they ever made in their business.

How will The 48 Hour Breakthrough™ help you

01Help business leaders and entrepreneurs move out of old patterns and quickly shift into a new way of approaching life and business. During the two days you discover what is REALLY holding you back, breakthrough it, and hit the ground running the next day, clear about your direction with a no-failure strategy in hand.

02All of us have a stream of thought running all the time. We may not hear it outright as the volume can be very low, but the message itself is powerful. If it is a message that is not supportive to your success, it keeps us stuck at the cross roads not knowing which way to turn.

03During the 48-Hour Breakthrough™, you will get the opportunity to confront your fears and make them disappear. You will learn to listen to YOU, to hear that voice of wisdom more clearly and make empowering decisions. You will break through the fog of emotion and mental noise to make decisions easily and quickly to stay out of overwhelm.

04You will gain integrity with yourself. When we are out of integrity it simply means that we are not keeping our word with ourselves. One great example of this is telling yourself that you want to lose 10 pounds and then blow your healthy eating plan. This erodes confidence. The 48-Hour Breakthrough™ is the perfect place to uncover and define your personal code. When you get in line with your personal code and keep that integrity, you become unstoppable.

05Once we’ve identified and cleared your obstacles, we will develop a strategy to increase your bottom line NOW.

06The 48-Hour Breakthrough™ incorporates teaching tools and exercises unlike any program you’ve ever encountered. Your experience is supported by equine assisted coaching and learning.

07Please note that all our work with horses is on the ground; that means no riding, and no prior experience with horses is required.

08In this setting, the horses are the teachers and you are the student. Horses bring powerful breakthroughs for people. These equine assisted sessions offer participants the opportunity to put to practice what they are learning in a safe environment where the dynamics that are not working for them in life and business can emerge in a metaphor.


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