What horses can teach us:


What Horses Teach Us

In equine assisted learning, there is a focus on wellness taking a holistic approach to improvement in physical, social, emotional or cognitive functioning.

As prey animals, horses are tuned to their environment and must be able to respond in an instant to changes and inconsistencies in order to stay alive. Their ability to scan humans and find our inconsistencies is truly amazing. Horses mirror our energy patterns and blind spots; behaviours that can stop us from moving forward in life or from moving into our own authentic spirit. Horses show us that to be effective in our daily life’s, we must un-mask any internal frustrations and conflicts that may be preventing us from moving forward. Equine- assisted learning will enable you to find your authentic self through the non-judgmental eyes of the horse.

Anne and her co-facilitators, the horses, will provide a nonjudgmental environment where through experiential learning opportunities you can increase your self- awareness exploring how you relate and react to people both personally and professionally.


“I had a wonderful “after glow” for a couple of days following the visit with you and [your horses]; more energy, less arthritis pain and a general sense of well-being.  It was wonderful!  I would absolutely attend again and recommend it to anyone.”  DR, following EAL session


“I learned how hard I am on myself and it truly clicked. People tell me all the time I can be but the horses allowed me to truly realize within myself that I am my own worst enemy. I also realized I try to get to the end goal without taking little steps, which is why I get anxious because I make myself work harder in a shorter time frame. I have been taking smaller steps and appreciating my accomplishments more which got rid of my anxiety. I have not had anxiety since the session and I used to experience it daily in a work place setting.”  JW, following EAL session