Here is what participants said about our Team Building and Personal Development programs

I think this experience has been very valuable for all. They told me how much they appreciated being provided an off-site PD event, it does not happen very often, and they were grateful it was planned and executed so well. They were also impressed with you [Anne], your comfort in facilitation, your direct but genuine approach, your love of horses and overall the well-organized learning opportunity.

I was surprised at how transferable or applicable all activities were to my work environment.  Very valuable lessons. Well done!

I learned so much about myself and others and how people can support each other where they haven’t before.

In the context of an activity done with my partner, for our relationship, it allowed me to open up to our dynamic in a new way, and to understand some of the energetic forces at play in the relationship. I tend to get lost in the crossed wires in my relationship and the horses expressed this very well for me to see and experience somatically. This way of learning feels immediately natural and enjoyable for me. All my senses and my heart were engaged

Highly recommended for those exploring their role in relationships and/or team and in getting to know themselves better.

I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. This was a completely new format for me. As the day evolved, the lessons became more and more apparent- a journey of group discoveries.

You enter the arena and leave the arena different people. So much gets left behind; the horses truly know what you need even if you didn’t know if yourself.

Horses are powerful teachers who give us a window into ourselves, without judgement, that enables us to take the steps forward that we need to take to grow.

Good self- reflective exercise. Everyone can take what they need from it.

My partner and I were curious to try a session of equine assisted learning to spend a day doing something together that would be novel and enjoyable and also that we hoped would help us connect and deepen our awareness of each other and our relationship. We came for an afternoon, beginning with a discussion with Anne, and moving into over 2 hours with the two horses that we intuitively chose from her herd (and it was amazing once we started working to see how we each intuitively chose a horse that in some way embodied our best strengths). Anne and Stu and Tigger the cat were gracious and grounded hosts – the whole afternoon felt like a mindfully and intentionally facilitated process.
What I liked the most about the session was that we were free to choose how structured and unstructured what we did was, it was very open and experimental, and the activities we chose to do were simple and experiential, allowing us to trust the meaning in our experience with the horses and with each other. Anne gently facilitated and asked relevant and open questions when they served the process, but she did not impose her own meaning and it did not feel like she had an agenda for us, which is very important to me. It was clear to me that she had complete faith in the horses and what they would bring, and Cheyanne and Watson brought us an experience that we have been able to continue to process together with increased awareness, open hearts and humor.

Enjoyable professional development experience which promotes self-awareness.

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