• People who value a personalized learning experience.
  • People who are open to experimenting with trial and error, learning from their mistakes, and move forward with new insight.
  • Lack of confidence – horses are big and powerful creating a natural and safe opportunity for you to overcome this obstacle. Confronting a fear and working through it can leave us feeling empowered and ready to take on other intimidating situations in life.
  • Improve self-awareness. Horses are animals of prey and as such are hyper vigilant toward their environment. Horses sense and tune into non-verbal communication. They sense the emotions that humans try to hide but is evident in our non-verbal communication. Horses are like a mirror, reflecting to people what is happening to them in terms of their internal emotional and psychological processes. Horses can help you to identify and explore feelings that were previously unknown or unacknowledged.
  • Establish your boundaries and be aware of the boundaries of others – horses set very clear boundaries and maintain them respectfully providing us with good examples of how we can stand up for ourselves and avoid escalating conflict.
  • Build your relationships with others and yourself – horses do not know how to lie, or judge, nor do they lay blame. Horses demonstrate how to be in a non-judgemental relationship where you can build up your self-esteem and trust.
  • Communication – Are you being heard? Consider the following:
    Words (the literal meaning) account for 7% of the overall message
    Tone of voice accounts for 38% of the overall message
    Body Language accounts for 55% of the overall message
    Nonverbal communication becomes the most powerful mode of communication when conveying feelings or attitudes.
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